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Assess yourself with our tailor made paths.

There is no right or wrong answer, just what you feel is important to you.

Emily DeSimone
Senior Marketing Manager @ Collibra

I am super impressed with the questions, flow, and results of the Tal&Dev assessments! This is such a useful tool at any stage of your career and professional development.


Understand what career path best fits you.

Understand your own potential and predicted performance based on what you are ready, willing and able for.

Roy Saikali
Partner Growth Manager @ Exactius

I was able to share my Tal&Dev reports with my boss during an annual review 1 on 1. This kept me accountable for professional development and lets my team know I am trying to improve.


Leverage live coaching and resources to boost your career.

Read up on our career insights, expert blog articles and book a coaching session to work towards your goals.

Marco Trupp
Head of Sales @ Securitas

Tal&Dev’s coaches and mentors help me to stay on track and focus on my earlier defined career vision. They provide honest feedback, which can hurt sometimes but ultimately helps me grow and reach my goals.


Find an employer that fits.

Get matched to a progressive employer looking for a profile exactly like yours.

Zitian Jiang
Finance Professional

Tal&Dev has helped me re-discover my career passion. Their bottom-up approach has helped me realize there are more paths to a successful career, while offering a lifestyle I can enjoy.

Frequently asked questions

How long does a tal&dev assessment take to complete?

On average the full assessment takes 15-20 minutes to complete from start to finish. We recommend you to set aside the time and complete it in one go, but you can always resume it at a later time if you get interrupted.

Is tal&dev a free service?

Your Tal&Dev user journey is free from the assess stage through analyze, improve and match! For an additional fee you can book a tal&dev coaching session to further accelerate your development!

Should I worry about privacy?

No! Your data is yours. We won’t share your data with any employer or partner unless you give us your explicit prior consent. While the platform costs are mainly covered by progressive employers, our promise to you is sound and clear: we are your advocate and are committed to helping you achieve professional success and personal satisfaction.

Can I be matched to employers through tal&dev?

Yes! With our Matching Network, we give you the opportunity to share your profile with a progressive employer looking for a profile exactly like yours.

Start your journey

Understand what career path best fits you.
Be honest, be thorough.

We are passionate about helping people succeed in their careers and enabling employers to be the right home for the talent they need.

We are convinced that self-awareness is a key element of personal growth and a good self-assessment is foundational for that.

Our platform guides individuals through their self-discovery journey.

Talents that want to find true professional happiness must become more purpose driven, engaging and invest seriously in career development, and employers must be more progressive to win the war for talent, both in recruiting and development.

Michele Volpi
CEO & Founder of Tal&Dev