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Our tools help companies assess the potential of existing and new associates and gain useful insights for their development.

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Understand and develop talent

Get a holistic view of candidates and employees potential as well as insights about their career motivation, both key for successful longer-term matching.

Use our tests and technology, we identify those who are best willing, able and ready to grow with you.

Identify high potentials

What employees and/or applicants have the potential to become your next CEO, MD or Partner?

We help you predict the performance of candidates or associates and understand how high they can go inside your organization.

A useful tool to complement your recruiting and succession planning processes.

Test what matters

Our surveys have been handcrafted by experts with decades of experience in coaching, mentoring and hiring (as we speak, we are super-powering them with Machine Learning and AI).

The results you’ll get will help you ask the most valuable insights and have good alignment conversations with existing and potential talent.

Plans & Pricing

Through our affordable SaaS pricing model, we provide you with a flexible and scalable solution to assess existing and future associates.

The SaaS offering allows you to send your nominees to our website for assessment.

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