Create your new job spec, aligned with your company values.

Customize the job opening based on the capabilities, workplace preferences and effort readiness you require.


Discover talent that best matches your spec.

Our algorithms run continuously on your open job to find matches in our talent pool that fit your requirements.


Review candidates reports.

Review candidates personalized reports, assessment scores and resumes.


Invite best fitting candidates for interviews with your team.

Use the Tal&Dev candidate reports as a guide and forensic tool during your interviews.


Hire the best fitting talent for your company.

You only pay a success fee and are fully reimbursed after six months if the talent is no longer there.

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We are passionate about helping people succeed in their careers and enabling employers to be the right home for the talent they need.

We are convinced that self-awareness is a key element of personal growth and a good self-assessment is foundational for that.

Our platform guides individuals through their self-discovery journey.

Talents that want to find true professional happiness must become more purpose driven, engaging and invest seriously in career development, and employers must be more progressive to win the war for talent, both in recruiting and development.

Michele Volpi
CEO & Founder of Tal&Dev