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Ask yourself this: do you have a career map with long term goals and specific strategies to guide your decision-making?

Let’s be honest, very few of us have or ever had a career map with clear long term goals and strategies to get there. We are often unhappy, frustrated and sometimes feel like we don’t know where we are going. Sometimes we realize that we lack direction only after losing our jobs or burning out. But where do we get that direction from?

Coaches are expensive. Mentors are busy. Bosses think in their own best interest. Headhunters lack dynamism. Overall there is an inclination towards short-termism (looking for jobs or worse, just picking up the phone when headhunters call) rather than a holistic long-term approach (career planning).

But why should your career suffer as a result? Whoever said that good career advice should be something available only to high-earning executives? What if I told you that there is a company whose sole purpose is to help any manager succeed on that journey? tal&dev democratizes career mapping by prioritizing individuals’ career happiness. We have taken our learnings from decades of mentoring and executive experience to craft a unique methodology.

tal&dev democratizes career mapping by prioritizing individuals’ career happiness. We have taken our learnings from decades of mentoring and executive experience to craft a unique methodology.

Whether you are just jumping into the job market for the first time or are a mid-career professional looking to make a leap of faith, we are here for you. Our platform consists of an assessment where you can determine your best career fit, predicted performance level, development needs and path to get there. tal&dev will then help you along that journey. Your development journey with us will be supported by the following resources:

  1. Insights & content library: the behind the scenes of careers that nobody tells you about, free expert knowledge.
  2. Self-assessment: define what you want from your professional life for free with a 15-20min questionnaire.
  3. Personalized report: the outcome of your assessment provides free insights and metrics on your recommended career direction, predicted performance, potential level and a personalized narrative report. You put the effort and we don’t charge you anything.
  4. Premium report: with a lifetime premium membership (one-off 19€/$ for professionals, 5€/$ for students) you get additional expert insights on how to improve your potential and performance (yes, you can!), your top strengths & development needs, as well as a Covid-19 test to deal with the stress level that the pandemic is bringing to some of us. Additionally, you can also compare your fit for various career paths!
  5. Personalized career map (coming soon): your personalized and interactive online career coach with lots of helpful features like career pace tracking, your recommended next job, how to leverage your strengths, how to develop certain gap areas and much more.
  6. On-demand coaching & mentoring (coming soon): transactional and strategic support at affordable prices matching you with the best experts just for you.
  7. Matching network (coming soon): based on your career needs and interests, at your request and with your permission, we will put you in touch with selected progressive employers that could be a great longer term fit for you.

Thanks for choosing us as a partner for your career journey!

- the tal&dev team

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November 11, 2020

We help you find the career that best suits you

Understand your own potential and predicted performance based on what you are ready, willing and able for.

There is no right or wrong answer, just what you feel is important to you.

Understand what career path best fits you.
Be honest, be thorough.

There is no time limit to complete the test.

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