How Was Your 2020?

Build on your 2020 success, and reflect on insights in preparation for 2021.

No, we are not talking about the pandemic. We are referring instead to how you can prepare yourself for your year end appraisal and performance review. Even if you won’t have one or are more interested in your self development, you may want to reflect on the list of questions below. Ask yourself questions, so as to discover some insights, ahas, epiphanies such that they alter your actions, routines and habits even without external prompting. If you do this thoroughly, and act on what you discover, 2021 will be even more successful than 2020. And maybe with more ease and enjoyment.

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." - Eleanor Roosevelt

13 questions for you

Here are some questions to help your self-reflection so you can see where to make improvements that support your growth and development.

1. Which of your commitments/intentions worked out as you intended this year, what attribute of yours made that possible?

2. On reflection, where would you like to have had better outcomes (be specific) what was missing that you didn’t achieve the outcomes you wanted?

3. What skill, or way of being, do you most want to develop/master next year?

4. Can you think of an occasion when a colleague taught you something that really helped you in your role (be specific)?

5. In what way did you coach/help/support a colleague that they said helped them in their role (be specific)?

6. Can you think of an occasion when you avoided a challenge or conflict (be specific)?

7. What were you afraid would happen if you got involved?

8. Complete the sentence: I would have been even more successful this year if I had been able to….What skill, or way of being, do you wish you had that a colleague has?

9. How would you go about acquiring that skill, or way of being, for yourself (be specific)?

10. Who have you helped this year to be more successful in their role (be specific) in what way did they say you helped them (be specific)?

11. Given you want to grow and develop as a leader in what way can you be supportively “stress tested” next year?

12. What would you say is your Achilles heel, and what do you need to do to be stronger in that area?

13. What situation most confronts you…stops you in your tracks, what do you think you could do to be more resilient in these areas?

About the author: Peter Roche is one of tal&dev's leading leadership coaches. He has 40+ years of hands-on operational and leadership experience. Peter is currently the Managing Director at Perret Roche Partners, an executive leadership consultancy. He currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

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December 15, 2020

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