The Heart of Business with Hubert Joly

Tal&Dev hosted Hubert Joly for a webinar to discuss his new book and how progressive employers can reinvent capitalism.

In this Tal&Dev webinar you will hear Michele Volpi and Hubert Joly discuss how progressive employers should abandon old paradigms and focus on purpose and human life. By creating a happy workplace and putting their people at the center of the business, companies can reinvent capitalism and contribute to a more sustainable future.

00:00-4:23 Intro

4:24-10:19 Hubert's Personal Transformation

10:20-13:46 The Death of the Superhero Leader

13:47-19:50 Defining Who You Want to Be

19:51-25:00 The Great Resignation

25:01-31:09 The Importance of CHROs

31:10-38:22 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

38:23-43:26 Practical Tips for Leaders

43:27-47:17 Pandemic Impact

47:18-59:39 Q&A

Hubert Joly is the former Chairman and CEO of Best Buy. During this period, Joly and his team decided to abandon old paradigms and lead with purpose and humanity, rebuilding the company into one of the nation’s favorite employers. Following the successful transformation of Best Buy, Joly wrote the national bestseller, The Heart of Business, which includes a timely guide for leaders that want to follow the same path. He is currently a professor at Harvard Business School and sits on the boards of J&J and Ralph Lauren.

Michele is the Founder and CEO of Tal&Dev. Previously, he had a successful career as global CEO and Board member of private and public companies with decades of experience, extending across different sectors and situations.

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October 28, 2021

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