The Future of Work with BillionMinds

Tal&Dev Founder & CEO Michele Volpi joined BillionMinds’ “Way Too Busy” Podcast! Listen to it and learn more about fundamental aspects of the future workplace

During this episode, Michele starts the discussion by recounting his career highs and lows of his journey that have led him to create Tal&Dev! 

Additionally, they discuss the importance of having specific soft skills to succeed and how “[...] Accountability and performance bring you there, while Authenticity and Agility keep you there”.

Afterward, Michele and Paul focus more on current practices in the workplace and their effects. More specifically, they tackle the importance of companies focusing on Diversity & Inclusion, with an employee focus (and not just for corporate benefits) to succeed in the current workplace. 

Moreover, Michele also elaborates on what he believes are the main workplace changes from the last few years and the main drivers of dissatisfaction from the employee's side. Furthermore, they discussed the main drivers and importance of employee engagement as well as the crucial role HR has to play. 

At last, Michele laid out the main fundamental shifts that he believes we will see during the next years in the future of work.

"Accountability and performance bring you there, while Authenticity and Agility keep you there."

0:00-6:12 Intro

6:13-18:27 - Michele Volpi’s Career Trajectory

18:28-19:11 - Billion Minds Intro

19:12-23:45 - Necessary Softskills at work

23:46-27:55 - Diversity & Inclusion at work

27:56-34:12 - Changes in the Workplace

34:13-39:40 - Drivers of Employee Engagement

39:41-41:10 - Importance of HR

41:11-44:98 - Opinion on Mindset Training

45:01-49:06 - Future of Work

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Michele is the Founder & CEO of Tal&Dev, a career development platform used by thousands of users around the globe which helps employees steer their careers in the right direction, and get matched to employers that match their skills and values. 

Previously he had a successful career as global CEO and Board member with private and public companies with decades of extending across different sectors and situations.

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February 22, 2022

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