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How is ‘potential’ measured?

Your potential is a function of the following:

  • your upbringing
  • some core leadership traits
  • your readiness for effort
  • your desire and determination to learn and progress

When you achieve the first quartile (75% or more) in terms of leadership traits, effort readiness and desire and determination while also having a strong upbringing, we determine that you have a well rounded profile and very high potential level. Having a very high potential level increases your chances to get to the highest level in your career of choice and may open up additional career paths.

These scores change based on how you rate yourself and tell you what areas you have to work on to get there. There is no value in faking it because you would be lying to yourself and miss opportunities to improve and actually get there.
The potential score you get is independent from any business career and speaks of your probability of success to achieve your own level of ambition.

How can I improve my ‘potential’ and ‘performance’ levels?

Potential and performance (what we call the level you are likely to get in any career from entry to gold) may differ based on

  • how good of a career plan you develop
  • how hard you work at it
  • how you react to good and bad luck
  • what choices you make in life

The recommended career resulting from my assessment is different from my current one, how should I interpret this

This is due to one of two reasons:

  • It looks like your personality fits better with a career other than the one you are currently in (or have selected). In the long term, this may bring you unbearable stress levels and that are not healthy nor conducive to a successful career.
  • Your answers to the career fit questionnaire show that your workplace preferences align better with another career. That means you’ll be more at ease and satisfied in the recommended career environment. Remember, what you like is important in the long term since it will increase the your chance of being successful and happy.

How long does a tal&dev assessment take to complete?

On average the assessment takes 15-20 minutes to complete from start to finish. We recommend you to set aside the time and complete it in one go, but you can always resume it at a later time if you get interrupted.

I’ve taken the tal&dev assessment, what’s next?

First off, congratulations for taking the first step in your personal development journey! You now have access to a personalized report detailing your scores and predicted levels. We recommend you to analyse these results in depth by leveraging our insights library and blog, discussing them with your mentors/coaches and begin incorporating the learnings in your everyday work. Once you have your report, don't forget to upgrade to the premium version. Finally, signup to our mailing list or follow us on Linkedin to be the first to know about updates to our platform.

I don’t have any career match so far, when will I be able to check if I have any match with new careers available?

By subscribing to our site, you will receive the newsletter in which any product enhancements will be advertised and communicated.

Can I take the test more than once?

You can take the test as many times as you want but only once every seven days. We recommend you to be active on your development and retake the test every six months or whenever a significant career event takes place. You may also want to consider assessing yourself everytime we add a news career in order to analyze your fit with that one too.

Are my self assessment results safe? Should I worry about privacy?

Your data is yours. We won’t share your data with any employer unless you give us your explicit prior consent and we won’t share your e-mail address or any other personal data with any partner you don’t agree with. While the platform costs are mainly covered by progressive employers, our promise to you is sound and clear: we are your advocate and are committed to helping you achieve professional success and personal satisfaction.

Is tal&dev a free service?

At this stage the assessment provided by tal&dev is free for all users and so are the main personalized insights provided in your dashboard. Furthermore we provide free access to our insights library and blog. For a small fee 19€/$ (5€/$ for students) you can also gain access to your personalized premium report.

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October 6, 2020

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