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It seems pretty natural for managers and executives to revert to coaches, advisors, or friends for help when they need it the most, but what if we managed our own destiny?

It seems pretty natural for managers and executives to revert to coaches, advisors or friends for help when they need it the most.

That’s typically when we are dissatisfied with the current job and a new opportunity presents itself or, more simply, when a headhunter calls and we are too curious to say no. In other instances,  we may seek advice because we lost our job or are ready to reenter the workforce.

While asking for additional perspective is smart, we often take a very reactive and last minute approach that may limit the benefits of the advice received.

What if we were more strategic and proactive with our career plans? Like Jack Welch said, what if we managed our “own destiny” and sought help earlier and more often?

What if we managed our own destiny?

We put a lot of ourselves at work, spending time and energy on the job but seem to hop from job to job without a compass, more driven by events rather than purposeful choices.

At tal&dev we are at work to find the sweet spot where professional success meets personal happiness. We are here to help you assess yourself, craft a career strategy (not a job strategy) and unleash your potential.

You can already practice your self awareness and use us as a sounding board, in confidence and with limited effort today. And don’t worry, we won’t take advantage of your private and sensitive data. Nor force you to read ads you didn’t ask for.

And while you check how ready, willing and able you are for achieving a certain step on the ladder in each of our seven business careers, we will accelerate our developments that will deliver you personalized career maps, career advice as well as matching opportunities with progressive employers that fit your career goals.

And remember, start thinking ahead and don’t wait until it’s too late!

Michele Volpi has been CEO and Board member in several listed and private equity MNCs and is the founder of tal&dev, an online talent development platform that is improving the way individuals and employers deal with talent management

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September 4, 2020

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