The Importance of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion for Businesses

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion has become a key theme for businesses and employees. Why is it so important & how can it be leveraged as a competitive advantage?

Scott Taylor and Michele Volpi, two global executives, hosted a fireside chat where they shared their ideas and experiences around D&I, explaining why it is good both for employees and employers.


00:00-05:31 Introduction

05:32-17:30 5 Business areas DEI can impact

17:31-35:56 5 Practical tips for companies

35:57-40:06 How to deal with discrimination

40:07-46:30 How Tal&Dev can help

46:31-48:46 Personal experiences

48:47-01:05:44 Q&A

Scott is a Board Member at Piper Sandler, J2 Global and WTI.

Michele is the Founder and CEO of Tal&Dev. Previously, he had a successful career as global CEO and Board member of private and public companies with decades of experience, extending across different sectors and situations.

Tal&Dev is a Career Development platform used by thousands of users around the world, that connects talent with progressive employers. Our aim is to help individuals unlock their potential and find a career that fits them, while also working on their personal development.

For Companies, Tal&Dev provides an unbiased recruiting platform, where progressive companies can win the war for talent by finding the best fitting talent for their company.

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September 24, 2021

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