Are you in the right career?

We are conditioned to build expertise in a specific industry and not turn back. What if there was another way?

Maybe you are frustrated by your recent performance review and you think you need to look for another employer. Or maybe you have been fired and are struggling to get another job. Or you are not having fun anymore and are lacking the drive that once brought you to the workplace every morning with a lot of enthusiasm.

Have you asked yourself if the problem is your own performance, your supervisor, the company you work for or whether it’s time for a transformational change in your career? Are you really sure that, more of the same, will get you “there”? And what does “there” exactly mean?

The answers to these questions cannot be reached without deep self-reflection that runs counter to how we are conditioned to think from the time we make our first professional decisions. We are taught to build expertise in a specific industry and capitalize on that goodwill over time. In the instances above, most recruiters advise you to look for another employer in your same industry and functional area. Even more progressive search firms may struggle with convincing future employers of your transferable competencies and holistic capabilities. Unfortunately, the traditional job market, doesn’t encourage you to challenge the status quo and change course.

At tal&dev we have a completely different view. We believe that your hardwired capabilities, readiness for effort and workplace preferences matter much more in the long run than functional skills. Skills can be gained through on the job experience and training. Real success is reached when you find your sweet spot where personal satisfaction intersects professional mastery. That should be your priority whether you are a university grad or a mid-career manager. Being good at what we do and making money is simply not enough. After all, we spend a significant amount of our time at work, so why not enjoy it? Don’t sell yourself short.

Here are some initial suggestions:

  • Analyze yourself, your hardwired capabilities and sacrifice-readiness in order to define your best fitting career by leveraging the tal&dev assessment.

  • If the outcome is your current career, focus on the predicted performance and check if that goal is above your current position. If it is, define a strategy to get there. Define the skills needed to get there and how you will acquire them through training or on the job experience. That should be your driver in the search for your next step. If you opt instead for short term salary increases, better perks, power or prestige, beware that you may sacrifice your development and find yourself at risk of never achieving your goal.

  • If you want to aim higher than tal&dev’s predicted level of performance for you, you’ll need to strengthen your capabilities and/or put forth more effort. Understand from tal&dev your top strengths for the specific career, prove and master them. And don’t forget to continue working on your development needs in tandem.

  • If, instead, your outcome from the assessment is a totally different career (like starting your own business or joining a non profit), you should seriously consider that and then define your positioning strategy for that new path. Knowing that you will not be an obvious candidate and that you have no network there, you should focus your pitch on explaining what transferable capabilities you have that would be of value, start developing your network, documenting yourself in trends in that career or preparing a business plan.

Looking for a job in your current career takes a lot of time, especially since you want to make sure you end up with the right organization. Looking for a totally different career is even more challenging but can be liberating as well. You will unleash your potential in workplaces that fit you much better.

If you feel uncomfortable with making career decisions through a desktop or mobile interaction, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will put you in touch with a human expert in the form of a mentor or coach.

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September 15, 2020

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