Co-Founder and CEO Billionminds

Paul Slater

Building a platform to help employees do great work from anywhere. Co-Founder and CEO Billionminds. BillionMinds is a startup venture building software to help people become more personally effective just by using it. Their software goes beyond simple task tracking to help ensure that you know what to do, how to do it, and are capable of doing it well across ALL aspects of your life (wellbeing). This is different to traditional productivity software that is modelled on the process and deliverables work in the context of your day job. BillionMinds uses behavioral science to help you maximize your professional and personal effectiveness, no matter where you work. WHY NOW? - Work and Our Lives Have Merged As work becomes more flexible, traditional barriers between employees’ day jobs and the rest of their lives are disappearing, and with it their lives have become unsustainably chaotic. If you are constantly interrupted, always dropping the ball, and cannot switch off at the end of the day – you are now the normal one. Read more about billionminds here:

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