Natalie Wood

Natalie is the founder of Engage to Evolve, a company that focuses on helping individuals to reclaim their emotional balance, identify with their values and strengths, understand basic needs to be well and decide from a point of confidence, where to take their evolution next. Natalie is a Teacher & Certified Coach, a Certified Mental Health First Aider and has close to 20 years’ experience in corporate commercial and leadership roles. Proven record of managing people and peers through the strength of providing psychological safety. Areas of expertise:Balancing employee individuality with team cause and business purpose | Taking Inclusion and Diversity further: leveraging cognitive and emotional diversity | Stress Management & Resilience – a role of for the individual and the organisation Managing and uniting people to work as a team towards jointly defined goals; continuous improvement of status quo through connecting ideas and looking for new ways of operating that suit the individualsw hile focusing on what matters to the organisation.

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